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These things are famous in the East Coast. A pizza dough base topped with butter, herbs, garlic and cheese cut into strips, you can also add bacon. Comes with donair sauce for dipping, (the sweet dipping sauce is authentic!)

Where to get Butter Fingers/ Garlic Fingers



2009 Jun 2
After a lot of requests from East Coasters living in Ottawa, the owner added this item to the menu. Called Butter fingers on the menu (although I've always known of them as garlic fingers), these things are authentic! It's one of those foods you crave after drinking, they're sorta greasy- but in a good way. (And not as greasy as some I've tried)
My husband is really picky when it comes to getting the sauce right- And it gets his Saint Johner seal of approval.
Before this place, as far as I know, you could not get garlic fingers in Ottawa. (I tried them at Hooley's but they were all wrong. A shame really)
I just thought I'd share the good news for all the other east coast transplants in Ottawa- yum!