Frozen Yogurt at Yogen Fruz
Where to get Frozen Yogurt

2009 May 17
The cafeteria at Algonquin College also makes frozen yogurt right infront of your eyes! You can choose the fruits you would like, and they put it all together for you.

This I believe can only be found in the main cafeteria at Algonquin College - but if you are ever around, I think it is worth the try.

Raspberry-Banana is my favourite :)

2008 Apr 20
After hearing all the fuss about the fro-yo wars in California, I made sure to try Pinkberry on a trip to NYC last summer. It was great! It has an only slightly sweet and mostly tangy / tart flavour -- what actual plain yogurt tastes like.

I was wondering when the whole tangy / tart frozen yogurt + fresh fruit toppings / dry "fun" toppings concept would make its way to Canada, so I was quite happy when I saw Yogen Fruz's billboards that advertise their "new tart" flavour.

I went to the Bayshore location this weekend and asked for their PLAIN VANILLA soft serve with fresh blueberries on top (i taste tested it first to ensure that it was indeed the "tart / tangy" flavour). It was very refreshing and leaves less of that milky aftertaste that ice cream or their other frozen yogurt does.

I'm glad that I can get my tangy frozen yogurt fix in Ottawa now as opposed to day dreaming of trips to the States for my Pinkberry / Red Mango fix.

Too bad YF's are located in malls that have limited hours -- i really think their new rebranded stores would do well as its own storefront on Elgin / Westboro, etc.

Are there any other places in Ottawa to get some good frozen yogurt? Has anybody else that has tried Pinkberry / Red Mango also tried YF's new tart? If so, any comparisons?


2009 Apr 6
This place is good to satisfy a frozen yogurt craving. Not the best, but good. We ordered a small green tea and mango yogurt. You could definitely taste both flavours.

The gripe I have about this place is that they don't clean their machines. My boyfriend got an allergy attack. (He is allergic to peanuts and kiwis.) Kiwi would've been more severe, so we're leaning towards the fact it was peanut allergies.



2012 Jul 6
Hi I have been to Spoon Frozen Yogurt last night.
It was excellent! I have been there a couple times in the last week and it was as good as the first time. They charge .55 cents an oz which is the same as in toronto. My cup cost me 5.25. I had Cappuccino, Chocolat and Pistaccio I also added a few toppings. They changed a few flavors from my previous visit which make my experience more interresting. The topping bar was also very exciting. The decor is very nice and the staff is great!

It is a place to visit for sure!

2012 Jul 5
I did go to Spoon yesterday. I love frozen yogurt, and had just returned from Toronto where I had had Menchies. I have also eaten at Pinkberry and several other Yogurt establishments in NYC.

I was quite disappointed by Spoon. I found it expensive - I bought the same amount at Menchies last week for about 4$ less (two servings. They did say they had lowered the price since they first opened.

They were also reluctant to let us taste flavours before we chose them - which I find a bad busines strategy. Yes, if people are coming in and tasing and not buying, then that means either they will come back aonther time, or they genuinely don't like your product....

The variety of flavours is good, but I found them all way too sweet, compared to other frozen yogurt. They also melted too quickly, so I think they need to keep them colder to start out with. I was very disappointed as I will still have to get my yogurt fix elsewhere than Ottawa, but at least it will save me from having something I love too often.

My two young kids were not too impressed either, though they liked the decor, and the staff were nice.

2012 Jul 5
Sugar sugar, please... don't use phrases like "Flavours are not very intense" 'when you aren't talking about this vendor and haven't even tried their product! Many readers skim reviews and a comment like that could be quite misleading.

Opinions trickling in via Twitter suggest that the fro yo here is tasty. If it's anything like Pinkberry, it should be amazing without any gimmicky toppings.

Curious to hear from someone who has tried Spoon *and* Pinkberry...

2012 Jul 4
Haven't tried ths one yet but similar places like Menchies, Yogis etc on Bloor street, Toronto serve a whole array of flavours.
Flavours are not very intense, the candies etc as toppings seem to be the big draw.
All sold by weight.
Always busy summer and winter in TO
We always seem to be a couple of years behind the other major cities when it comes to any new item.

2012 Jul 4
I biked past this place this morning. It is called Spoon Frozen Yogurt Lounge, and it looks like a part of a franchise from the USA. I am very excited, as I have been getting my self-serve frozen yogurt fix in Toronto and NYC. Now in Ottawa, and near my house! I am in trouble. Will try to swing by this afternoon.

2012 Jun 28
There is a new place to get frozen yog in the Byward. I believe it is called Scoops. It is right beside Wonton Mama.

We were having happy hour nibbles at Wonton Mama and kept seeing people in pink shirts handing out samples of something. I thought they were part of Wonton Mama. Upon leaving, we happened to go left instead of right and decided to pop in to see what it was all about.

It is a self-serve place! AND they have candies and such to put on your yogurt! Cost is by weight.

We were like little kids.