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Shiso is a freah herb that tastes a bit like cinnamon, a bit like basil... Delicious and hard to describe. I used to grow it when I lived out west. Never seen it in Ottawa.

Where to get Shiso

2011 Jan 26
You can get fresh shiso at Win Tai Market. It's in the tofu section. Enjoy!

2008 Mar 14
My neighbour has Shiso growing in his front yard. It grows well in this climate because I had some that my sister from Montreal gave me. You just have to remember to water it...

I seem to recall seeing seed packets for it at Kowloon Market.

2008 Mar 14
I wonder if you could give Perspectives a call? Chef Blackie's used shiso in a lot of his dishes in the past, so he may have an in on a supplier.

613-271-1800. If you're lucky you might even get Chef himself on the phone: he seems to be a fun, approachable dude if you talk to him after you have dinner there.