Malaysian coffee and tea at Chahaya Malaysia
Where to get Malaysian coffee and tea


2009 Mar 28
The Malaysian Sweet Tea tastes a lot like Indian Chai Tea -- pre-sweetened, milky, and mildly aromatic with exotic spices. The spices are less bold than the Indian version, but that's quite welcome after a meal with so much oomph!

And the pour is even more impressive when seen live.

2007 Dec 20
These Malaysian style coffees and teas are sweetened with sweetened condensed milk and served in a glass with a napkin wrapped around it and poured as seen here (she knows I was posting her pic!). She commented that her partner was more daring with the pour as he moves the tray around as well while he pours. Very nice coffee and a perfect end to the meal to go along with the ice dessert.

One of my friends instinctively wanted to put sugar in hers since that's how she usually drinks coffee, but we warned her to taste it first because of the condensed milk and she did and yes, it was sweet enough for her. I'm usually just milk with my coffee kind of gal, NO sugar, but I really enjoyed this one.