Dolmades at Shawarma Chelsea
Dolmades at Food Basics
Dolmades at Food Basics
Where to get Dolmades


2007 Feb 7
Crazy packaging...hmmm reminds me of a lil something...I wonder if the tag line is: Dolmades, that little bit more :)

2007 Feb 7
I've been turning into a fan of the 'ethnic' section at Food basics, and am happily surprised to find that the "Al Wadi Al Akhdar" ( dolmades are really good.

Lemony with a hint of mint. Not submerged in oil like the tinned kind. Great with plain yoghourt.

I'd given up on packaged ones, but these are worth it. Less than $4 for a decent-sized container of them, too.


2007 Dec 17
I love the dolmades from Pilos. The rice/meat mixture is perfect, the grape leaf wrapping is done right so they don't fall apart on you.

2009 May 31
I always forget how much I love dolma until I'm eating one. Then, I can't stop.

Their dolma were well rolled and very tasted with the right amount of lemony zing, and a good amount (not too much) rice in the middle. I think this will be my new project, making dolma.

2013 Jan 11
There are 2 dolmades in the veggie platter which also contains grilled cauliflower, grilled egglant and one falafel.

Again, a big platter. I normally need to eat meat to feel full but not with this veggie platter.