Bitter Lemon at The Scottish and Irish Store
Where to get Bitter Lemon

2007 Jan 23
I've never noticed it here but have enjoyed it several times in Switzerland. Some of the European delis or British shops might carry it.

Google says this online store carries it:

Other than that, I'd try to fake it by following the recipe here: (and take the option of mixing it with Tonic Water to get the characteristic quinine bitterness)

I'll keep an eye out for it in town!

2007 Jan 22
Has anybody seen it in Ottawa recently? Schweppes, Canada Dry, Gini -- at this point, I don't care about the brand. Help!


2007 Mar 4
You can find Schweppes at Boushey's on Elgin Street. It's the most famous bitter in Europe. Don't forget to put a slice of lemon in the glass!

2007 Oct 27
Finally found!

(Schweppes. An extorbitant $7, but no mind.)