Pad Ka Prow at Thailicious
Where to get Pad Ka Prow

2014 Feb 2
I had the pad ka prow with beef, and asked for it extra spicy. It was pretty good, lots of spice and the ingredients were well prepared. I'd be curious to see what a regular version tastes like.

2014 Jan 16
Today for lunch I tried the stir-fried vegetables and Thai basil (#3) with chicken. It was full of veggies and served with a generous pile of rice.

This was thoroughly enjoyable but I found it less spicy and overall less tasty than the Pad Kee Mao I had last week. Note that this is the exact opposite of the combined experience of felinefan and her husband. Whether this indicates consistency problems or just differing tastes on our parts... time will tell. :)

Service was wonderfully friendly. I visited with two coworkers today and everyone hopes to see this truck do well!