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2010 Nov 6
Oct 5, 2010 failed City of Ottawa restaurant inspection: Critical Non Compliance. then
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2007 Jun 1
We went for dinner last Friday to the Full House for an office retirement dinner. We were 12 people in a room to ourselves on the main floor.

We have eaten at this restaurant many times before because it's a fun place to go with a group to celebrate an occasion. Make sure you book a table upstairs so as to benefit from the piano player and dance floor.

We haven't been for a while because we were under whelmed by the food on our last few visits. However, I was pleasantly surprised on this visit. Our server brought a basket with assorted bread, rolls, breadsticks and melba toast and this was replenished as often as requested.
To start we ordered the feta and olive plate to share. This plate came with garnishes of tomato and lettuce and it was all drizzled with a tasty dressing. We used the bread to soak it up.

For mains I had the grilled sole and hubby had the chicken souvlaki plate. Both of these were generous portions. In fact, I had two whole pieces of sole on my plate on top of a bed of rice that was mixed with veggies and then a generous portion of veggies on the side. The same was true for the souvlaki plate.
In case you did not know, this restaurant was bought by Chinese (?) owners a few years back (or maybe was always owned by them?), and I find it amusing that the veggies on each platter are exactly the perfectly cooked, vibrant veggies you get when you order Chinese food, and they taste exactly the same too!!! If ever you go there you will see what I mean :)

For dessert, the server brought out a platter with a selection of different slices of cake. We shared the Turtles cake which was very decadent.

Our server was an older woman (what I call a career waitress), who was very good at what she does and took excellent care of our group. These are the ones you find at places like Swiss Chalet/St.Hubert or Capones who have been waitressing their whole lives and have perfected the art in my opinion. Efficient without being intrusive, always right there when you need something and not there when you don't. Amazing!

Full House is by no means a fancy restaurant, but it can be a fun night for dinner to listen to some live show tunes and cut a rug for the evening :)