Foods from Thai Lanna

2011 Nov 8
By far, imo, the best Thai food in Ottawa. We almost always get the same thing, which is somewhat unfortunate in that we don't get to try new things, but anytime we have a bigger crowd we are able to explore.

We love the panang curry, with chicken. One thing I love about Thai Lanna is that if I want a veggie dish, I'll order it. If I order panang chicken anywhere else in the city(that I've been to) I get very few pieces of chicken, mostly soft vegetables and a very soup like consistency.

Thai Lannas sauce is thick, nutty, and pure white meat chicken with no soggy filler. We usually order that and the beef with lemongrass.

I haven't had it much since my husband is allergic to shellfish and not a fan of mangos, but the green mango salad is incredible as well.

Prices, in my opinion, are great, and the coconut ice cream is to die for.

The worst part is getting takeout when you live in Nepean and you have to drive home through traffic with it in the car.

2011 Jun 8
I love Thai Lanna, but I found out recently that they can be very inconsistent, which is disappointing in a Thai restaurant.

We ordered the yellow curry with chicken, which comes with big chunks of chicken (dark and white meat), which is amazing and has a lot more juiciness and flavour than just the normal strips of chicken breast found in most thai restaurants. Usually the spices are amazing, but the other day (Sunday), it was a miss. The curry was bland, no spices or flavour at all and it was very watery. It was very disappointing considering I have had such good experiences there before.

2011 Apr 17
Dined at Thai Lanna for the first time Friday night. Based on this one experience so far, I think TL is my new fave thai resto in Ottawa.

The little side stripmall in which the resto is located was a very popular spot, therefore any available parking space can be a challenge to find.

The restaurant is amall. The service is good. The food is great!

We ordered the green papaya salad, mixed seafood curry and pad thai. All three dishes were really delicious and very generously portioned!

As a take-out order after the meal (which was eaten the day after), I ordered the beef with lemongrass, and eggplant and tofu stir-fry. Even without eating them freshly cooked, both dishes were also very good, although the take-out portions seemed much less generous than the dine-in ones we had.

I will definitely be returning!

2011 Jan 21
Friendly staff and good atmosphere, if a little on the small side. The size means that they are able to do what they do very well, though. So far, this is the best thai restaurant I've found in Ottawa. The green curry is to die for, and their geng gari gai (yellow curry with chicken and potatoes) is spectacular. I always start the meal with a green mango salad. Favourite. 5*/5*

2007 Jun 17
Second in the three Thai restraunts tried in my quest for SCIENCE. This is a nice little spot in the stripmall behind the Southway Inn. All three restraunts here have nice food and terrible fronts. I wonder why that is?

Regardless, the food here is very nice. Somewhat spicier than at the Sala Thai, for what it's worth. Busier and smaller here, too, which can make it a bit cramped and noisy, and affect the service, but none of it enough to make a meal at all unpleasant. Food quality, portion sizes and prices are all about on par with Sala Thai, but no soup with the meals. Not a big deal, and I'd go here if in the mood for Thai and I were closer to it.

2007 Mar 3
This is one of our regular lunch spots though we go for dinner fairly regularly, too. Affordable lunch specials include small green salad, main dish and either rice or noodles - all around $8.95 - served on one plate.
Everything we have tried is excellent but our favourite dish is the green curry with eggplant made with either chicken or beef - medium spicy. The Kaeng Kali, yellow curry with chicken and potatoes, served with noodles has become a new comfort food for me - mildly spicy.
If you want dessert, the coconut icecream served on sticky sweet rice is delectable!
Service is friendly and gracious.
Small and wildly popular, so toward the end of the week you may have to stand and wait.