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2012 Sep 27
There's now a sign out front that says that they're open until 4am, for all your drunken pho needs.

2011 Nov 6
The owner is still just as friendly as the previous commenter said. I appreciate that they have a dedicated vegetarian menu. Their spring rolls and summer rolls were great as were all of the dishes I've tried off the vegetarian menu (such as the make your own summer roll plate. Although rolling them yourself is a little more tricky, but the grilled tofu is great in them). It's been quite quick, when I've visited recently, and it's never been too crowded the times I've gone (though I'd expect that would depend on when you visited). Quite happy to have it in the neighbourhood.

2008 Mar 8
It's a great place. The owner is very friendly!

Just one thing to remember. If you're in a hurry, don't go there! The service is very very slow, but it's worth the wait though.

If you want to take your time and relax, that's the place to be.

The spring rolls were delicious. The desserts are deadly good! A great culinary experience!



2009 May 26
They call them spring rolls but I know them as "summer rolls" and the ones I got there were the best I've ever had in Ottawa. They may take a few minutes to make but they are worth the wait.

cost: around $4 for two healthy summer rolls.