This vendor no longer exists!


Foods from Shawarma Shack

2007 Dec 13
The new restaurant in this location has a sign: "Shawarma Palace." More shawarma!

I'm not sure if this is just a name change or if it's affiliated with the Shawarma Palace on Rideau Street. Time will tell.

2007 Oct 30
This place looks shut down. No doubt they lost all their business to the superior Mr Pie and BBQ.

I'm curious to see what will go here next. It's a former Harvey's location and you can still see the frame of the burger-shaped sign along the road.

2007 Aug 29
The Shawarma Shack is where I usually get my shawarma fix. They used to have the best potatoes (tossed in a mix of fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil) but a recent change in management has reduced the quality of the ingredients (and the staff). But, it's still one of the best spots.