Shawarma at Sahara Dunes
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2018 Apr 22
The store is under new ownership and has gotten better. Better than Price Gourmet, Shawarma Garlic and Onion but not as good as Shawarma Palace. It was a good sandwich but I prefer to go to busier places like Shawarma palace where chicken is guaranteed to be fresh and sandwich is crisped over charcoal. Service is friendly and kind. If youíre in Bells Corners and youíre craving a Shawarma itís good but not great.

2010 Apr 7
I always forget the name of this place ... but drove by today and made a mental note. I really like the shawarma here. The garlic sauce is very good, and the chicken is usually quite juicy. If you are in Bells Corners its a good bet for lunch.

I haven't been for a while - so it may be time for another visit :)

2008 Jan 26
I've been there more than once; I tried different meals and It's always great, fresh. Atmosphere: homy place, clean; very good prices specially lunch time the very friendly chef Jamal is very very quick in serving you with avnice smile. You walk in happy you leave happy and FULL!!!!!!
HIGHLY recommended

2007 Aug 15
This is by far my favorite Shawarma spot. Theres not much to be said for the decor, this isnt a fancy restaurant like some places try to be.

Its cheap $9.50 for a Chicken Plate (Meat, Rice, Salad, Tabouleh, Hommous, Garlic Sauce, Pita), $6.50 for a Chicken Pita, Potatoes and A drink. Its pretty busy at lunch time, but Shawarma master Jamal makes the line move quickly. Everything always appears to be freshly prepared (that day). The Garlic sauce is to die for (most certainly my favorite anywhere) and the hommous is quite good. Tasty wihtout getting that "dirty" taste in your mouth.

Highly recommended to all for a quick tasty and healthy bite.

The picture is of a Chicken Plate to go, I'm just about to tear into it :D.

(I'll try for a better picture next time I go)