Foods from Pizza Shark

2010 Apr 3
I took advantage of their walk in special last night- 3 topping large for $10.99.

This pizza was great and ready in 15 mins.

The sauce is tangy and the crust had a nice chew to it. I am surprised that they aren't stingy on toppings for that price. It is much better than the similar deal you can get from Pizza pizza.

This is slowly becoming my go to pizza joint. The only drawback is parking. You need to find a spot on Gladstone and there aren't always spots available. The strip mall next door (with Red Apron, Blue Nile etc) has no parking signs aimed at Pizza Shark clientele.

2009 Nov 21
I had a hankering for pizza one night and stopped in to pick up a couple of slices to go, as this place is on my way home from downtown.

They had two types available by the slice, Pepperoni and Combination, neither of which are particular favorites but I opted for the pepperoni( which I could pick off easier). Two substantial slices cost me $3.70 after taxes, which I felt was very reasonable.

For cheap pizza, this stuff was great. The crust had a nice chew to it and wasn't overwhelmingly thick. It was just greasy enough- not pools of grease like some places but enough to satisfy the pizza cravings. There were also adequate amounts of topping/cheese.

I took their take out menu and noticed that the prices were very reasonable and they also had a number of walk in specials.

I would choose this place over Pizza pizza any day and over a number of other options for that matter.

2008 Mar 6
I've been ordering fried junk from Pizza Shark for a few weeks and liking it quite a lot, but oddly enough I hadn't tasted their pizza until yesterday.

I was walking home from work last night and stopped in for a quick slice on the go. I was expecting the standard Ottawa cheapness: dry crust, sparse toppings and burnt cheese... No way! I had two slices of their ready-made combination (pep-mush-peppers) and was blown away. I'm not exaggerating when I say it tasted like homemade. The crust is just right, moist, fluffy and not too thick. There's a generous amount of toppings and the cheese is nice and gooey with a minimum of greasiness.

I ordered two larges today and they're every bit as perfect as their take-out slices. Cooked just right, very fresh tasting and well balanced. You can eat it with your hands but just barely, nothing like the cardboard crusts of Pizza Pizza and Domino's.

The wings are another surprise hit. They're on par with some of the better restaurant wings, not just bones and sauce.

My only gripe, and it's a small one, is the gravy they use on their poutine. It's some sort of mild peppery thing; it's actually not bad but to this ex-Quebecer, if it ain't rich beef gravy, it ain't poutine.

Great quality, generous portions and good prices put Pizza Shark at the very top of my list for delivery. They're second only to Naples Pizzeria in Hull.