Poutine at La Pataterie Hulloise
Foods from La Pataterie Hulloise

2014 Jan 23
This is undoubtedly the BEST poutine in the Ottawa region...bar none!

I have rarely, if ever, had a better poutine from a chip truck. S&G fries can't hold a candle to this place...if there is a poutine key of the Ottawa area, it's La Pataterie!!

Always order a small poutine...anything more is not needed, and the small orders have the best flavour mix for some reason.

Also, nothing beats a pepsi from the fountain served in a paper cup. And I'm not saying that to be funny...it is the best way to have it!

2007 Mar 12
If you want poutine the way it's meant to be....

Double fried, hand cut fries.
A little greasy, but not stomach upsetting. (unless you try the x-large with double cheese and double gravy, but then you knew what you were getting and you asked for it.)
Great cheese, good gravy.

Probably the best "non-chip-truck" poutine I've had, anywhwere.

2006 Nov 28
Not only can you add restaurants, I fully encourage you to do so! Thanks for adding St-Estephe and La Station. I have almost no experience with food in downtown Gatineau/Hull, so the more you can help me out there the better!

If Pataterie Hulloise's poutine is only average, I can probably remove it from my wishlist. Thanks, you just saved me five bucks! :-)

2006 Nov 28
hahah i got a laugh at seeing this restaurant listed in here and le St-Estephe not even being in the list! (i'll check to see if we can add restaurants) :)

Pataterie Hulloise is exactly what it looks like.. GREASY food for when that's what you're looking for. I didn't particularly care for the place though.. i had heard a lot about it but it was really nothing special.. the poutine was average.


Feb 23
Had to try this legendary poutine. I have to say poutine hits different on the North side of the Ottawa River. The clock is a Pepsi clock, only Pepsi products are served and the staff wore an array of footwear- steel toe construction boots, crocs and adidas. There was a line and the guy in crocs was seen a few times bringing fresh cut potatoes for the fryer. Ordered the small poutine and it checked all the boxes. Squeaky St. Albert curds which are the gold standard in these parts, crispy fresh cut fries and hot tasty gravy in a place with an atmosphere you wouldn’t expect a couple of kilometres from the peace tower.

2007 Jul 19
I lived within walking distance of this place for about 20 years and I've eaten their food about 5 times or less. In contrast, I eat poutine an average of twice a week or more.

A lot of people like La Pataterie, but I don't. Something about their gravy and cheese just doesn't sit right with me, it reminds me of the cheap junky poutine they serve in pizza joints. You can get a better poutine from most chip wagons for cheaper than this!