Foods from Paesano


2012 Jan 10

I have dined at the sister restaurant of Paesano's (Cyrano's in Bells Corners) many times so was very happy to hear that this family-run business had taken on another location.

My own family and I went out to Manotick to give it a try over the holidays and were happy to see that we were greeted with the same warm and friendly atmosphere that we go to Cyrano's for.

The menu is similar to the one at Cyrano's (mediterranean style) and I was happy to see that I was served the same great quality meals that I go to Cyrano's for. The family takes pride in their menu and the food they put out: I find the portions are very sufficient for the price, the food is always made fresh (even the pasta!), and the meal choices are classic but always very tasty with the chef adding his own style to things like Steak Frites.

I will certainly be going back to Paesano's again for another satisfying meal and will definitely be recommending it to family and friends who are up for a nice (and short) drive out to Manotick for a romantic dinner.

2009 Jan 6
We have been in Ottawa for 2 years now and did not know about this place until recently. It is tucked in the corner of the main strip mall. But perhaps we were better off not knowing as it was not the best experience. It came highly recommended by a friend who said it was better than Oggi on Main Street.

The decor is nice and similar to Cyrano in Bells Corner. The server was a bit odd. She always seemed rushed but it was not busy - perhaps that is just how she always walks. She initially seemed attentive and frequently came over to see if we wanted water or more bread but then she would forget and never bring it until we asked a second time. Spilled wine on our table.

Menu looked good with plenty of choices. Bread was made on site and was good. I started with a caprese salade which I admit was above average. Real Buffalo mozzarella, ripe tomotoes, and fresh basil. My husband had the cream of broccoli soup which was good also, though heavy on the cream - he did not mind.

But the mains were the real disappointing part. I had the veal marsala. The veal was pounded too thin and so overcooked in oil that it tasted like it had been essentially deep fried. Nothing tender about it. Perhaps some like it this way (read the reviews on the Restaurant Thing link) but I actually found it very hard, crunchy and the worst I ever had. Also the sauce was like eating pure butter. You could see the oil ozzing out.

I am a bit more conscientious about fat in my food than many others but my husband is not - he makes his fettuccine Alfredo sauce with only whipping cream and butter, but even he could not stomach his meal - the veal Gorgonzola. Again the over fried/oily veal was just not pleasant and the over rich sauce made it even worse. Neither of us finished which again is very rare - usually we will at least finish the meal out of courtesy. When the waitress commented, we just said we were full and that it was a bit too rich for us to be polite. She responded in surprise and said well at least it is healthy. ???!!!!!

We skipped dessert. The coffee was good.

So what do people like about this place? I would rather go back to Oggi when I need a night out. It is a bit more plain and homey feeling but that is what it tries to be - cooking like you make at home without having to do the work. We may go back to try other menu items but not optimistic.