Foods from Local Heroes


2010 Sep 22
I've been here a couple of times, once for a beer and snack in the evening and once for lunch. I chose it because the location is convenient for me and on the evening occasion, Grace O'Malley's had a band playing and was packed.

Both times I was neither terribly dissapointed nor terribly impressed. It's decent if you're looking for a sports bar in that neighbourhood - I'd go out there for an evening drink and snack again, but not where I would pick to go out to dinner.

2008 Nov 25
Hi, was in on grey cup sunday, and apparently the Sunday specials are from 4pm-9 its 25% off all food except the 35 cent wings, and then after 9pm it's 25% off liquor (but not food), there was alot of families eating around dinner time I guess because of the discount.