Foods from La Pergola

2006 Dec 14
Eight of us went to La Pergola last night as the second installment of our newly formed "Supper Club".
We are four like-minded couples who love food and all have the Entertainment Book so we thought it would be good to try new restaurants and save money at the same time.

Other than our group there were only two other tables. This small restaurant has about 8 - 10 tables.

You can have either the buffet or the pizza. We all opted for the buffet as it offered pizza as well.

The food in the buffet was hit and miss. The antipasto and salad portion of the buffet was fantastic. Everything was fresh and delicious.

The hot food choices were: Pizza, Pasta, roasted potatoes, steamed veggies, salmon in dill sauce, meatloaf in tomato sauce and some type of roasted meat on the bone.

The first 5 items were great, however, the salmon was a bit dry, some liked the meatloaf and some didn't and no one tried the meat.

They also had a station where the chef made pasta to order. Three couples ordered pasta and thought it was very tasty. The waitress also offered to replenish the pizza from the buffet that we finished and made whichever pizza we wanted (we tried the Ortolano - awesome). They actually made us three more pizzas and all this was included in our price for the buffet. I found this to be an amazing value considering we had told them from the start that we were using our coupons.

Half way through our meal, the other two tables finished and left so we ended up being the only ones in the place with basically our own chef who was making us whatever we wanted. It was quite incredible!

The staff was extremely polite and accomodating to our group, even when it became obvious it was time for us to clear out (which we did - finally!).

A great night with awesome food - I would recommend the pizza for sure, and the buffet depending on what they were offering.