Chinese takeout in Centrepointe

Foods from eggroll factory


Jun 17
We have ordered from Eggroll Factory a couple of times and been happy with the result.

Their menu is small and simple and tends more towards the older style Chinese restaurant menus but still with interesting dishes.

Dishes to recommend:
Their eggrolls, spring rolls, the eggplant/onion/mushroom dishes (either the vegetarian or beef), their lemon chicken.

Dishes to skip: general tso's tofu: the flavour was nice but the tofu lacked crispiness, sweet and sour chicken balls.

Their website has delivery options that use their own driver, so you can order delivery from them without paying the gig vultures their share.

This isn't the Chinese restaurant to cross the city for, but if you are hoping for something that's not Mandarin that delivers in or near Centrepointe, it's definitely a win.