Chef Brianna Kim of Café My House, set 8-course vegetarian/vegan, Korean/Canadian.

Foods from Alice (Adeline St)


Jul 2
Just went this weekend for the first time. It's only been open a few weeks and is still a little hard to find (no signs, inconspicuous).
Décor is solid, with a sparse/industrial kind of vibe. There's seating for about 25 people but is not cramped in the slightest. The open kitchen lets you see the chefs preparing everything.
They have a set eight courses and we had the wine pairing, came out to ~$160 each.
We started with sourdough bread and a fermented rice "candle" that had a walnut wick to melt the rice into a soft butter.
Next was "snacks" of a celeriac yakatori with spruce leaves, and a green apple tart with a smooth puree, both fantastic.
Eventually the wine started the kick in and things get a little fuzzy from there, but we had an eggplant soup with kombu dashi as the broth, a frozen sesame dough "dome" over grilled asparagus, smoked potato and stuffed morel mushrooms, and for dessert we had a walnut cake with whiskey, and some oyster mushroom chocolates and a coffee.
All in all this is very fine-dining climate, and the staff were phenomenal and very attentive. The chefs would come to our table with each dish to describe what it was. The wine was really excellent, with the Tidal Bay standing out especially. Best of all, they gave us a printed menu at the end of the night as a keepsake.
Can't wait to come back in several months to try the next season's menu!