'Authentic TAQUERIA with meat,veggie & vegan options, Catering services in Ottawa, we do fresh salsas,guacamole,tamales,burritos & taquitos for farmers Markets and special events'

Foods from San Jose Mexican Food


May 9
My fiancÚ and I decided to pop in on Saturday for lunch, because I had a terrible cold, and wanted something spicy to clear my sinuses.

What we found was a really good, and fairly cheap Mexican place that we are def going back to.

I had two carnitas tacos with a delightful cucumber salad for $6, while she had a massive plate of nachos with homemade chorizo.

I added to my taco with their chipolte sauce which was slightly spicy, but was delicious, with subtle and complex flavours, and some nice smokiness.

The tacos were filling, and flavourful. The chorizo (Yes, I stole some nachos) was good, with a pleasant mouth tingle.

No photos, because we ate everything so fast.