The address is on Metcalfe but the public entrance on Albert.

Shortbread Cookies at Cafe Deluxe
Shortbread Cookies at Cafe Deluxe
Cafe Deluxe
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2018 Oct 20
I miss my office being right next door. Maybe I'll make a field trip next week, and get me more of those cookies (Yes, the shortbread are the best ones)

2018 Oct 20
This extremely reasonable cafeteria-style diner is only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays. As far as I can tell, it stands in as the de facto cafeteria for Nav Canada.

$5 gets you a "small" salad bowl with three choices from their rotating menu. This was the perfect amount to leave room for a couple of their amazing cookies.

They also have a selection of hot food each day and meals never seem to cost more than about $10.

Friendly staff, decent food, and great prices. Looking forward to dropping in for breakfast one day.

2018 Oct 22
i really REALLY hate you Warby.

*throws granola bar at wall in disgust, goes in search of cookies*

2018 Oct 20
The world needs a second photo of these.

2018 Oct 20
The rustic homestyle cookies here are legendary amongst the downtown office workers nearby. They go for $1 each (no tax if you buy in quantity).

They're all good, but I found the Skor (sweet-salty toffee bits) shortbread ones (at rear in the photo) to be extra incredible in that addictively decadent homemade sort of way. Seriously craving one right now.