Doughnuts at Mimi's in Manotick
Foods from Mimi's in Manotick

2018 Aug 21
Stopped in on our way back to Ottawa from lunch at Kelly's Landing the other day.

Both of us tried shakes and a couple of different donut flavours.

The shakes and most of the donuts were tasty in the "I'm here and I'm getting this item" way - very nice but I wouldn't necessarily road trip from Ottawa to Manotick just to get them.

The lemon meringue donut (I hope this is a commonly recurring flavour!) was amazing enough that it would be worth driving from Ottawa to Manotick. Delicious lemon curd.

2018 Jul 29
We thought we were stopping here for ice cream but changed our plans after we saw the doughnuts.

This was a peanut butter and chocolate yeast doughnut. Fresh and delicious, would totally have it again!

They had 5 or 6 types of doughnut and kronut available at 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Prices were around $3.50 each (with a discount if you buy 6 or 12).