Food counter in the Rideau Centre food court.

Hamburgers at Big Smoke Burger
Foods from Big Smoke Burger

2018 Jan 13
I'd heard good things about this place so I was excited to try the Craft Burger (sautéed mushrooms, rosemary-garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato). At $8.85 + tax = $10 for just the burger, I had big expectations. The size and visual impact were less than I had hoped for but the flavour and eating experience were absolutely top notch! This is just a really well done unpretentious burger with a delightful beef patty.

It costs $4.15 plus tax to add fries and a soft drink to the burger, making this one of the more expensive meal options in the food court.

I'll definitely return next time I feel like a really good hamburger and I'm eager to try a poutine sometime too.