Kingston-based pizzeria in the Rideau Centre.

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2018 Feb 13
This one was fantastic! I went with all custom (for the same flat price of $12.45):

* Spicy red sauce.
* Mozzarella and Gorgonzola.
* Bacon and Ham.
* Roasted mushrooms, Spinach, black and green Olives.
* Finish: Arugula, Spicy oil, fresh Basil.

The flavours were awesome. In the interest of continuous improvment I'll try Chorizo instead of Ham next time. The spicy red sauce didn't seem as acidic as the non-spicy one was, although that could just be the result of buffering by my hearty toppings.

I mentioned that I'd prefer to be able to apply my own spicy oil to just the rim of the crust rather than have them drizzle it all over my pie, and I was told to simply ask for that next time. Thumbs up for encouraging more customization!

P.S. I know it looks like they spit on my pizza (bottom of pic, near the mushroom) but that was just the spicy oil. 😄

2018 Feb 11
This time I asked for a Margherita with a couple of extra toppings: mushrooms and black olives. They complied happily but I realized halfway through eating that they had left off the basil finish! Given my customization, this was an easy mistake to make and it's my bad for not noticing right away.

My first time trying the standard "red sauce" I have to say that I found it too acidic for my taste. The creamy garlic sauce on my previous visit was a bit too rich so I'm holding out for the other two: spicy red and pesto.

The toppings are good quality and this place still outperforms Fiazza in pretty much every way.

2018 Jan 13
My coworkers and I have been watching this place get ready to open so we dropped in with guarded excitement on their very first day of business. We were greeted by an assembly line of 8 or so fresh faced and cheerful employees.

Here's how it works: there are two prices of 12" pizza—a one topping pizza for $9.45 and all the others for $12.45. I appreciate this simplicity and it works well. The toppings counter is laid out in front of you and you can customize your pizza however you like. Your pie goes into the oven for 2 or 3 minutes and then you're good to go.

I went for the Great White North (garlic cream sauce, asiago, mozzarella, Italian sausage, mushrooms, arugula, crushed garlic, caramelized onions). This was a very tasty pie with a prominent garlic component as you would expect from the description. Nice!

This place has a gas-fired stone oven and competes directly with Fiazza Fresh Fired and the Rideau Centre Farm Boy's pizza counter. In that competitive arena it is best in class. Everything about the pizza is a little bit better than Fiazza; the only things better at Fiazza are the metal cutlery and the fact that they often bring the pizza to your table.

Rizak pointed out to me that Score has the entertaining phrase "stone fired" on their logo—how do they get the stones to stay lit? However, googling the term shows that they aren't alone in using it. In any case, we understand what they're trying to say!

I'm looking forward to my next visit, in which I'll probably get something Margherita-like embellished with bacon, olives, and arugula!

2018 Jan 9
Opening tomorrow, January 10, 2018.