Heavy metal music themed burger and poutine restaurant.

Poutine at The Koven
The Koven
Poutine at The Koven
The Koven
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2019 Jun 29
Went for my first time after hearing rave reviews from friends. I had the Koven burger. 1/4 pound of beef with grilled onions, green pepper, cheddar and Cajun mayo. Great fries and a perfectly sized portion. In the days of expensive burgers, $8.50 was a great price for a great burger. Much has been made of the heavy metal theme but donít let that dissuade you. The food and fun atmosphere is worth the trip. Owner operated (nice guy too) this place has so many interesting things on the menu that I will be back.

2018 Jun 21
Went out for a celebratory drink and a bite with a friend on Tuesday night and we opted to check out the cute backside patio at Koven!

This place is a Metal themed restaurant (which suits me fine hee hee) but be aware that if Heavy Metal music offends you that you are at the wrong restaurant. They have a reall great selection of craft beer, wine and handcrafted "kocktails" but I opted for a nice belgian style Beau's with a bit of orange flavour.

We opted to try the Kon Karne Poutine in the Metal size (basically medium) and it was a very interesting and flavourful take! Featuring a meaty chili tomato sauce, pickled jalapenos, onions and cheddar cheese. The fries were very tasty, fresh cut not frozen. This was not a classic poutine by any means but the flavours really worked - it would have been over the top amazing if the finished dish went under the broiler for a minute just to give the cheese a bit more melt and slightly cook the onions. Tuesday's is also half-price poutine (any size) which is a pretty sweet deal indeed!

We opted for one of the larger burgers "the Nimmo" (I may have mixed that name up) since we were sharing and found it to be absolutely delicious stuffed with spicy cheese curd and hot pepper and then topped with sauteed peppers onions and more cheese. It was extremely tasty and juicy and they were nice enough to cut it in half for us.

The service was over the top friendly and the fun environment really made it a really enjoyable meal. Can' wait to go back and try another poutine since I wanted about 6 different kinds LOL.

2017 Dec 15
If you love Metal (or even if you just tolerate it) this place rocks! The black paint and bench seating from Navarra do not look at all out of place here.

I went for the Cryptopsy Burger ($6.50) with good quality Montreal smoke meat, swiss cheese, mustard, and deli pickles. This was damned tasty! A coworker who tried the plain "Klassic" burger found it on the dry side. Best go with something that has a sauce or at least cheese!

To accompany this solid burger, I opted for the "Punk" sized Klassic Poutine ($5). This was a generous bowl of okay fries with appropriate cheese and great gravy. They have a whole bunch of specialty poutines and they come in three sizes. The middle size ("Rock") is good for a modest meal. Our server described the largest size ("Heavy Metal" of course) as weighing up to three pounds!

Unpretentious and reasonably priced tasty food enjoyed along with the soothing screams of death metal. What's not to love!!

Poutine 6


2018 Nov 17
I can vouch for the medium ("rock") size Cheesus Krist Poutine ($10) being an incredible feast.

The more I visit The Koven the more I love it. It's the sort of quirky unique restaurant that you expect in a larger, less conservative city than Ottawa. Next time a visitor accuses you of living in a boring place take them here! 🤘

2018 Mar 10
The small ("punk size") Cheesus Krist poutine ($8) was epic! This is a normal poutine with gravy and cheese curds, but with an extra load of Brie chunks, sliced Cheddar, and powdered Parmesan. Cheese lovers rejoice!

I was happy to see that it was reasonably busy at lunch on a Friday. Tasty food and thrash metal are a mighty appealing combo!