Combination hair salon and café.

Foods from HeadQuarters


2018 Jan 12
I paid 10$ for a coffee and a croissant, clip joint in more ways than one. . . . . . . .

2017 Nov 25
With an adjoining hair salon, this new, clean, and very white café features a prominent coffee bar near the entrance and a treat counter at the rear that resells a selection of Art Is In Bakery pastries and breads marked up by roughly 50%.

I opted for this decadent and delicious Apple Cinnamon Cronut ($6.50) as an afternoon snack. The pastry was studded with apple chunks and filled with a thick ribbon of cinnamon cream. Pretty amazing! I didn't eat dinner that day.

Given the markup, the treats here are priced close to the level of those at the nearby Mantovani 1946 but they lack the delicate quality of the products there. This place is perfect for those who don't mind paying more for a swankier Art Is In Bakery experience.