Pub specializing in seafood and meats. Also has a takeout lunch counter.

Fish and Chips at The Whalesbone Elgin
The Whalesbone Elgin
Foods from The Whalesbone Elgin

2019 Mar 17
We finally got downtown for dinner, and the lovely wife choose the Whalesbone. First time at any locations. Summary, the food was very good, the wallet was much lighter.

Oysters were very fresh tasting, and they had both east an west coast. My wife started with shrimp cocktail, and enjoyed some massive shrimps.

Mains were black cod for me and duck for my wife. Both were perfect. This is where the prices get to me a bit, $28 for a very nice piece of fish - but that's it. Sides are extra. Value for the money? No. Excellent tasty food, yes. For sides we had duck fat fingerling potatoes and greens (mostly baby bok choy) with marrow sauce. Both were great, the greens on the verge of being overly salty, but we still managed to polish them off.

I had banoffee pie for dessert, it was pretty good, made with half bananas, on a toffee cookie, with a creme anglais and chocolate sauce.

Overall enjoyed the atmosphere, and the food. Next time it would be nice if I could find someone else to pick up the bill :)

2017 Feb 18
Wow! We stopped in to prop up the bar and loved the place. Great room with wonderful staff. We snacked on some great oysters, a delicious chowder and an awesome steak tartare served with bread that seemed to have been toasted in a pan with butter on the stove top. Gonna go back ASAP.

2015 Jan 17
I was in the area and remembered about this place, so I popped in for a 'brown bag' lunch and I opted for the 2 piece haddock & chips.
You can get 1 piece for $11, but for an extra $2 it's worth getting the 2 piece option, even if you have to bail on the chips.

If F&C aren't your thing they always have 3 sandwich options, and I noticed they now allow you to upgrade them with Seed to Sausage bacon. Fish & bacon sounds like an odd combo to me, but then again, bacon enhances everything...

Back to my lunch - the fish was very good (as it should be from there) and both pieces were a good size. Even after the drive home the batter was still crispy, and the inside moist & flakey.

The chips were ok, but nothing to get excited about. I was pretty stuffed after having the 2 pieces of fish anyway.

2017 May 20
The Haddock and Chips ($17) is popular here. They seem to have switched from using unique wedge potatoes to a more standard skin-on fry. The two smallish pieces of haddock were nicely crispy with my favourite style of tangy batter. The texture of the fish was chewy in places -- almost as though it were a little undercooked and some bites of batter had a mealiness that might not be appealing to everyone (I quite liked it).

The tartar sauce was exceptional! Served in a bowl, good lemon content and nicely seasoned. The little cups of ketchup were great too.

All in all, a pretty good FnC, although you'll have to embrace your inner hipster when coughing up $20+ for a lunch served on wax paper in a tin pie plate... 😝