Bar that focuses exclusively on local craft beers. Wide variety and selection. Food is sharing plates, small servings, but relatively cheap, and high quality.

Foods from Elgin Beer Project


2017 May 11
I went here for the opening night on May 9th to watch the sens game with my Dad. Very good impression.


Really good beer selection. Mostly cans, with some on Draft. Will cost around $7-8 per beer.


I ran the gamut. What I had were

the cuban sandwiches, which come with a spicy sauce, which I quite liked, but my Dad found a bit spicy.

The beef brisket sliders, which were far and away my favourite. Full of flavour, really tasty, and worth it. We got two orders in the end.

The dynamite sticks, which I didn't enjoy. Too spicy by half, and the filling was kinda bland. That being said the owner did ask for feedback for everything, so this probably will change, so don't take my word for it.

As well, we got one of each side. The kettlechips were ok, but probably could use salt. The fries were good, and I would have liked some vinegar for them. Finally, the popcorn was the stand out. Nice buttery flavour, and the spice they dust on it is subtle but standout. Again, we ended up getting two orders of it because it was so good.


Fast and friendly. Like I said, the owner came by for feedback and to make sure it was ok everytime.

All in all, very pleasant and good place to watch the game. Will be coming back, especially when the patio is open. (If the weather ever allows it)