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Fast food franchise specializing in North African, Middle Eastern and Indian themed sandwiches, wraps, burgers and poutines.

1611 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario

1255 Donald Street unit 10, Ottawa, Ontario

Centrale Bergham
Centrale Bergham
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Apr 2
I visited the newly opened College Square location for my first Centrale Bergham experience. The Philly Cheesesteak combo (sandwich, fries and fountain drink) came to just over $16 after tax. Ouch.
I wasn't a fan of how they assemble the sandwich, with the lettuce and tomato in the crease of the bun and the meat on top as it's impossible to get a bite with everything. You end up left with just bread with lettuce and tomato inside after the initial bites of meat are gone.
I liked the fries, but that's mostly due to the extensive dipping sauce selection as they are basically just a shoestring fry similar to McD's .
Both Zaky and Cripsy's make a very similar style of steak sandwich that is cheaper and just as good if not better so I probably won't return to Centrale for my steak sandwich cravings.

Oct 18
I stopped by and had the tandoori chicken sandwich. Great flavours and tasty, chewy bread. One minor quibble is that for $12 I need a bigger sandwich.

Jul 19
We went to Centrale Bergham today for the first time. I had the philly cheese meal deal while the better half had the curried chicken sandwich. It was delicious and there was no way I could finish everything. Will definitely go back.

Jul 4
I stopped by last week and had the philly cheese steak sandwich all dressed and spicy. Wow it was good!!! Rich, tender beef on a wonderful bread roll. A touch salty and a bit pricey at $12.42 but I will be back.

2017 Apr 8
Got the Majestik meal combo at the Bank St. location. This was 14+ bucks worth of highly seasoned, salty, meaty decadence that probably removed 3 years from my life span. Yes, I ate lunch here. Yes, my tummy guts lived to tell the tale.