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2017 Jun 6
I had (late) brunch on Sunday morning with my friend the MP. I loved the design of the resto. As mentioned by other foodies, it is spacious and bright. Clean industrial I would say. Casual but my friend was dressed up and she was not at all out of place. I had the eggs benedict (my go-to breakfast/brunch) and it was excellent. The eggs were perfectly cooked (and I was offered the doneness on my eggs when I ordered them) the hash browns are super crispy and appropriately salty (I believe there are some crispy pieces of bacon in there too) and it also comes with baked beans. Baked beans have never been my thing ... not growing up in Ottawa this was new to me when I first moved here. But I will say the beans were sweet maple flavour and our waiter advised they are house made and vegan if that matters (not to me!). My friend had the butter pecan waffles which she enjoyed and was more than she could finish. The coffee is very rich and flavourful. Overall .... excellent! I love the place, love the food, service was perfect - attentive but not overbearing. I can't wait to go back again.

2017 Apr 26
I just had lunch there, shrimp doubles, crispy bread, not like the fluffy chickpea bread I usually associate with this dish, but very tasty, nice moderately spiced curry. 12$, seriously good!

2017 Apr 13
I'm very happy to share with you all the fantastic first time experience I had at Sutherland Restaurant.

This was hands down the best lunch I have had in quite some time. I really like the Resto layout, with a bright and airy casual fine dining vibe on one side and a cosier bar cafe nook on the other. Customer service was also on point. They are definitely starting to get the swing of the place nailed down.

We ordered the Puttanesca Bowl, and Chicken and Waffles both of which were absolutely delicious.

The tastes in the bowl were delicate but highly layered with flavours of capers and anchovy balancing the tomato and fish. The pasta was fresh made in house, fish perfectly cooked and seasoned. The sweet balsamic artfully decorating the bowl added an extra flavour punch. no leftovers from this plate. Great price as well for $14.

The Chicken and Waffles. Wow. The chicken was crisply breaded and seasoned. Very juicy and flavourful on the inside as well. Drizzled with a house made maple hot sauce that just piqued the flavour. The semolina waffles had great texture and flavour. The generous portion of gravy was full rich creamy chickeny goodness. Served with maple syrup of course. For $12 the portions and enjoyment of this plate were actually through the roof awesome.

For dessert we shared the sticky toffee pudding with housemade vanilla ice cream. It was a delightful sweet sticky pudding with molassesy brown sugar vibes that would make any sweet tooths' dreams come true - just like your grandmother would make. Not for those who aren't sweet/sugar fiends like me.

The coffee served was happy goat (excellent local bean team) that we spiced up with amaretto and frangelico shots that were more then reasonably priced at $5 a pop.

I peeked at the baked goods and from what I saw they look to be truly mouthwatering gems. I'm excited for my next visit which I assure you will be soon!

Well done.

2017 Apr 12
Sutherland's is a bright and fairly spacious restaurant with an industrial decor located at the ground floor of a condo building. Our first visit in February was for brunch on a Sunday, which was delicious and good value (I had the smothered scone, really good).
We decided to try it for lunch today. The place wasn't too busy around 11:45am. It definitely filled up by 12:30, though.

I ordered the Ham and Bacon Cheddar Melt ($12). I wish I had taken a picture, but it was a perfectly balanced grilled cheese sandwich with house smoked ham, bacon, cheddar, pickles, and mustard. It came with a side of fries and salad (Always appreciated!). The fries were nice and fairly crispy, and the salad was simple with a light vinaigrette.

My partner had the fried chicken and waffles ($12), which he had really enjoyed during our previous visit and couldn't help but order again. The fried chicken is boneless, looked like approximately 4 chicken thighs. It came with two wedges of waffle, a large serving of gravy and ample maple syrup. The chicken was topped with a maple hot sauce, reminiscent of Nashville hot chicken.

Really generous portions and great prices. Service was prompt and friendly, not too intrusive. They also have a coffee bar section with seating at the other end of the restaurant. I ordered a London Fog latte ($4) for dessert which I thoroughly enjoyed.

All in all a really solid option in the Beechwood area for breakfast and lunch. I have yet to try them for dinner. I know they've also come out with a new bar menu of small plates served from 2pm-close in addition to their dinner menu, so will hopefully be checking that out soon.

2016 Nov 28
I've been 3 times now, once each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Very good all the time, and the prices are very reasonable, nothing on the menu over 20$. Nice mix of local and other beers. I'll be a regular, for sure.