Standard 'chip truck' offerings as well as Indian food. Currently located in a parking lot on the corner of Scott and Stirling.

Dulumiah Chip Truck
Foods from Dulumiah Chip Truck


2016 Jul 2
Who do i have to bribe to get them a spot downtown?

2016 Jun 30
onion bhaji...wrap.

...whoooooaaaaaa. I've gotta try that.

2016 Jun 30
Inkling, thank you. Will give them a try.

2016 Jun 30
Yes, here is a photo that was on the reddit thread that contains the Indian menu.

2016 Jun 29
Do they offer any other Indian food?

2016 Jun 29
I learned about this food truck recently after a couple of threads created on Reddit (/r/ottawa). Someone is trying to help the owners find a new and better spot for this family run food truck as the current location in a parking lot at Scott and Stirling has next to no foot traffic and leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to attracting customers.

The food truck has all the usual chip truck food - burgers, hotdogs, fries, poutine etc. I can't comment on those however as the real selling point of this place is the Indian food that they also offer. For their Indian items they offer great value too; $3 for two veggie samosas, $3 onion bhajis. Quality is great. I really enjoyed whatever dipping sauce they include with their onion bhajis. Had a mango latche, which seems to be the same thing as what other local places call a mango lassi.

According to reddit they will be on Wellington on Canada Day which will hopefully allow them to get more exposure. I hope they can find a better spot as what I've had from them, I've enjoyed, so hopefully they will make a go of it.