Italian artisan gelato, coffee and pastries. This is the franchise's first location in North America.

Mantovani 1946
Mantovani 1946
Mantovani 1946
Mantovani 1946
Macarons at Mantovani 1946
Foods from Mantovani 1946

2019 May 4
I'm happy to report that Mantovani appears to have found someone to make tasty confections once more! My parents were visiting recently and we came to Mantovani for dessert after lunch on Monday.

We shared the Tiramisu and the Nocciola (hazelnut) dessert (~$8 each). The Tiramisu was very good and tasted of quality ingredients. I'm not a Tiramisu expert so I can't say much other than I enjoyed it.

The Nocciola was incredible! Layers of hazelnut cake with hazelnut cream and just enough chocolate. This is a hazelnut lover's dream!

2018 Feb 16
Mantovani's skilled pastry chef moved on to Le Moulin de Provence this past January. The pictures recently posted to Mantovani’s Instagram account force me to retract all my glowing recommendations about the confections here. At least the gelato will still be great and I sincerely hope they can get back on track with the other products.

2017 Oct 29
Passion Fruit Hazelnut Chocolate Pana Cotta ($8.50) was pure decadence. A generous base of passion fruit gelée and chocolate pana cotta, topped with a delectable petal-ring of hazelnut buttercream upon which were perched three miniature truffles. I'm not sure where one could go in Ottawa to find higher quality desserts.

2017 Oct 29
Loved this Dulce de Leche, Vanilla Cream, Almond Profiterole ($4.50). Super high quality overall, the vanilla cream was decidedly non-sweet, which made it an excellent companion to the decidely too-sweet dulce de leche. Combined, the flavours balanced to absolute perfection. There is genius at play here.

2017 Jul 2
The 5-layer Ferrero Rocher dessert ($8.50) here was epic! The price is high but reasonable given the labour and ingredient cost for such a masterpiece. They make different pastries all the time so this one may or may not be available when you go there.

It's a beautiful place to sit and enjoy beautiful confections. Or coffee. Or gelato. Can you tell this is my favourite dessert place in Ottawa?


2017 Jan 26
This tiny ~1-inch wide cassis macaron was $2.50 but totally worth it as a rare treat! Perfect texture and a rich black current filling.

The Linzer cookie in the background was superb.

Everything I've had at Mantovani—from the gelato to the coffee to the pastries—is absolutely top notch. The ambience is top of class too, which helps justify the prices...

A most welcome alternative in a city saturated with more rustic pastry shops.

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