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2017 Jul 19
Hit the food truck at Laurier and OCOnnor earlier this week for some tacos. The website is a little disconnected from the truck menu, so in a nutshell the options were chicken, pork or rib tacos, and a few different kinds of poutine. Tacos were $10, 2 to an order w/ beans and slaw. I had been hoping to have ribs (damn you website menu) but the truck dude told me they only have those on Fridays, so.... rib taco time!

The two tacos were pretty big - roll them up and they would be closer to wraps than traditional tacos - and loaded with a layer of shredded cheese, a generous portion of shredded rib meat, slaw and a healthy layer of guacamole. The meat was delicious. I admit i was sceptical whether rib tacos would just taste like pulled pork tacos but this was slightly firmer, 'meatier' in a totally good way. The sauce was flavorful, a hint of heat, not too much sweet. Slaw and guac were great. My only, minorest of comments might be that next time i have the tacos (and there will be a next time, once i've had the ribs) i would ask for half the shredded cheese... i like cheese on my tacos, but as an accent, not a major flavor when all the other stuff is tastier. The side of slaw was the same as on the taco, all good, as were the beans.

So all good, worth the $, will be back, will send others.

2015 Jul 9
My week of trying food trucks continued today with a trip to Spadina / Wellington.

They had a special today, a 1/3 rack of ribs for $12 (incl tax). This includes a choice of fries or beans & slaw.

There is a nice little park behind the truck with seats & a fountain, so I chowed down there.

The ribs were very tasty and messy as they should be, but they were a little on the tough side. I opted for fries and they were big fluffy spiral fries with a crispy coating. Almost certainly from a freezer bag, but they were very very nice.

There was quite a lot of meat, and I thought this was one of the better value meals so far.

I'll be back soon for the pulled pork poutine (which was my first choice until swayed by the special).