Seafood truck at O'Connor and Slater

Fish and Chips at Ad Mare
Fish and Chips at Ad Mare
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2016 Apr 14
I was going to have a nice healthy grilled fish sandwich with salad, really, I totally was... but right there on the menu... there it was...

Bacon jalapeno corn [battered] shrimp.


That's four of my favorite things in the world all in one place.

Was even better than it sounds.

Eight chunky morsels, chips and salad and happiness, $12. Worth every penny.

2017 Aug 18
Not a purists fish and chips but nonetheless delightful. Note the batter on this fish is vaguely similar to KFC in dryness and thickness but hey it works, this fish is delish! The beet/sweet potato/potato chip mix was a nice light option as well. I really enjoyed this and for $12 all in it was well worth it.

2015 Apr 17
$12 tax included for two pieces of fish, coleslaw, and literal (but delicious) potato chips. I liked the thick breading. Size of fish may have been a little small for the price? Coleslaw was on the vinegary side. Tartar sauce was nice, had capers in it. The wait around noon, however, was about 30 minutes (nice weather today so long lineup), and because of that I won't be hurrying back.