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Wine Bar owned by world renowned Véronique Rivest

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2016 Nov 19
Can't get enough of these fantastic vegetable boards, their kitchen is genius!!! A different plate comes out every time with a nice mix of flavours and textures (something raw, something fried, lightly braised or boiled or pickled and sauce to pair). Had this one yesterday, fresh colourful radishes, carrots, tempura onion rings, candy cane beats, pickelled or grilled tomatillo and 2 sauces. (Also had a side of fries that were out of this world!).

Service was wonderful as usual, the three times I've been it has always been a charming experience. This time we were luckily sitting at the bar while Veronique was there. It was amazing to see her casually and generously sharing her expertise and passion with staff and clients. She even helped out with taking back cleared dishes. All the staff is very friendly, charismatic and knowledgeable. Great job!!! The people sitting next to us were from Vancouver and seemed to enjoy the uniqueness of the wine and dishes. They had some great looking tartine/bruschetta dishes and tempting grilled meats. They were saying this place would certainly be a hit if they opened a franchise there too. Glad we have such a gem in the region:))))

2016 Sep 3
Love the vibe of the place, creative and fresh ever changing veggie platter, frites and oysters with mignonette :)))

2016 Mar 10
Okay.. Went to the Food and Wine pairing dinner on Mar 9th by myself when I could not find someone to go with and asked to seat at the bar.

Forum - Soif food and wine matched dinner mar9

It was a very enjoyable experience and Veronique Rivest was very knowledgeable and I found 2 very interesting wines that I liked one of which surprisingly was a Chilean white Muscat from de Martino aged in 100 year old Amphoras (Clay urns) since I am about 90% red these days and very few whites that I like and the 2nd was a Cotes de Province Tiburon which was red rather than the normal rose..

Actually I really like the Toulouse Sausage and I asked if it was made in house and if they did Cassoulet. Apparently the sausage making was a tad more challenging than expected on Wed so not sure they would make it again unless they get some specialized equipment to stuff those sausages. I know some friends of mine who used to live in Lyon made their own Toulouse sausage a month or so ago using some kitchenaid addons.

I had a chat with someone who must be Jamie Stunt after the meal since he was in the kitchen during the meal and introduced himself as Jamie and said he worked at Oz Cafe for 8 years when I asked if he had worked at Oz Cafe before. They apparently smoke their own fish often and normally have smoked trout on their menu.. Complemented him on the Toulouse sausage and asked about Cassoulet as well since Toulouse sausage is the main part of Cassoulet :D

2015 Aug 4
Soif had a special 1 day wine pairing that included 3 rosés (approx 4oz each) and 3 canapés on baguette for $21

Canapés were Smoke trout, chicken liver paté and olive tapenade. All very good.

My wife loves this place and we visit on a regular basis since we live nearby. What we appreciate the most here is the service and wine experience it brings. The patio is also very nice.

2015 Apr 1
Shawna Wagman ‏tweets "BIG NEWS! @JamieStunt is now the chef at @veroniquerivest 's wine bar in Hull, Soif. Talk about a perfect pairing."

2014 Nov 3
Glad to see Soif finally opening very close to my place. My wife and I visited on Friday night and really enjoyed our experience.

I heard that they offered the largest selection of wine by glass in the region and that really showed when we visited. The wine list is quite extensive and gives you the choice of choosing 2oz/4oz or by glass if I remember correctly. 2oz are intended to be sampled in a flight way which we opted for considering the selection of wines. Our server was very professional and took time to describe each wine by region/aromas etc...it was really a unique experience.

As for food, we ordered the Bison Tartare and the Duck rillette. both very good but I would of like the portions to be a little bit bigger for the price.

I will definitely be back to sample more wine and food.