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2014 Nov 19
Visited at lunch time on a Saturday and it was almost empty. Friendly and casual service. Prices are quite reasonable.

My wife and I shared a beef empanada and a jalea platter. Enjoyed it all! The tables should be more full. :)

2014 Oct 15
Ceviche is to really top notch...might be the best in the city despite the lack of Peruvian restaurant. We also ordered the Chicken and Beef empanadas and they were some of the best ive ever had. the dough was fresh and buttery. The rotisserie chicken was ok but I would stick with the ceviches.

2014 Oct 2
Check out the fantastic authentic Peruvian food at Petit Peru! We had Papa Rellena, soft potato stuffed with beef, raisins and spices, very delicious comfort food. We tried Papa a la Huancaina, slices of boiled potato slathered in a delicious cheese and yellow chili sauce. The sauce is unlike anything I ever tasted, and is highly recommended. We also had Ceviche as a main, and the portion size is staggering. If you come, bring your appetite! Come!

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2015 Jul 17
Jonesing for ceviche? look no further. they have several kinds. I had the tilapia ceviche and it was wonderful.