Chip truck opposite the Dairy Queen in Bells Corners.

Poutine at Starfries
Fries at Starfries
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2016 Sep 15
The fries here are pretty unique. Crispy on the outside and downright fluffy on the inside; best when eaten right away.

This small poutine ($5.50) was very nice. The gravy wasn't particularly flavourful but I guess that means you get to taste the fries and curds. I saw a lady dumping salt and pepper on her poutine while I waited for mine. I quietly judged her for this but then realized later that she was right. :-)

2014 Sep 9
Had some tasty golden fries from here last Saturday while my house lost electrical power for 23 hours.

The two people running the truck were super friendly. Will definitely return to try the poutine!