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Juice bar, salads, smoothies, grilled sandwiches, gluten-free goodies and other items of a health-conscious nature

Foods from Zanadu


2014 Aug 15
Their first day of opening was today and I couldn't get there fast enough, hungry for another healthy food alternative as I'm all Green Rebel'd out and every time I go to Simply Raw I find myself magically in line at Suzy Q Donuts instead.

They have a selection of grilled cheese sandwiches - I had mine with spinach and avocado with a super tasty sriracha ketchup dipper. I also enjoyed a fresh fruit salad and was pleased to see it included peaches, pears and mangoes - not your typical tired, melon and grape variety that tastes like the fridge it was stored in. Took home the watermelon and feta salad, and the peach and goat cheese salad, plus a gluten free muffin from Strawberry Blonde Bakery for brekkie/lunch the next day.

The owner was friendly and gracious. The space is inviting and has a funky decor. And I love how the salad packaging is totally leak- proof, with a nice seal you have to rip off all the way around to open. It's all about the details, after all.