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Serves food products prepared at La Boucanerie, an smokehouse down the same road.

Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto
Fish and Chips at Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto
Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto
Risotto at Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto
Dessert at Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto
Fish and Chips at Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto
Foods from Boucanerie Chelsea Le Resto

2014 Jul 21
We stopped in last night coming back from Wakefield...very interesting menu and really good selection of Quebec's microbrews. Unfortunately everything we ordered was not spot on. Specials of the day included Lobster Roll and Lobter Poutine which we opted for the Poutine as we were told by our server that the gravy was made with Lobter bisque yum. Poutine was good...good chunks of lobster but the sauce really didn't stand out and barely no lobster flavour. Fries were too big. It was an ok Poutine. Salmon tartare was fresh but drenched in mayo which we couldn't finish. Calamari and chorizo dish was nice with big tender pieces but lacking in spices. Chorizo was only in the sauce which was a bummer.

I will be back but probably only for the F&C.

2014 May 21
The merguez sausage penne had a lot of tender and tasty sausages and was complemented with yellow beans, kalamata olives and grilled red peppers in a tomato based sauce.


2014 Jul 12
A picture of the Fish and Chips proper. The fries seem to be double fried, just as I like them. Fries are way more satisfying than salad (which I ordered the last time) but I am not saying anything you did not know...

2013 May 1
Ok, this is not exactly fish and chips, as my husband pointed out, because I substituted the fries for salad, but I am on diet so this is the compromise. It's still very satisfying. The fish, cod, was very fresh and in a crispy, not too thick batter.

Salad was fresh with a light dressing.

There is also an interesting beer selection from various breweries in Québec. We sampled La Vache Folle.

Dessert 1


2013 May 1
The carrot cake.


It was not my order but I had a taste and it is as good as it looks! Cream cheese filling in layers of moist carrot cake.

2013 May 1
Someone in our party ordered the scallop risotto appetizer and had it as her main and was very satisfied. I did not taste it but it looked very good!