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Turkish Cuisine. Everything is Halal. Vegetarian options available. Dine-in and take-out.

Köfte Turkish Restaurant
Kofta at Köfte Turkish Restaurant
Köfte Turkish Restaurant
Foods from Köfte Turkish Restaurant

2012 Nov 15
The Turkish coffee and tea were fantastic, and the coffee came with a bonus square of Turkish Delight.

The Mosaic Cake intrigued us because it looked eerily similar to the Portuguese salame de chocolate ( but it turned out to be more dry and less flavourful. Not bad, but you probably wouldn't want it without a beverage.

2012 Nov 15
My wife and I visited for lunch and had a wonderful time. This restaurant is tucked into a strip mall of dubious repute (based on the number of times the Food Frenz convenience store has been robbed) but this is Ottawa and the so-called bad neighbourhoods are full of good people trying to do what's right most of the time.

The storefront makes a good impression with a clean and stylish sign, but the cracked glass in the door at foot level was sad to see.

The lady taking orders (and cooking and serving) was very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. My wife pointed out that the cleanliness and decor of this place were exceptional. Service is cafeteria style and non-patio seating is limited to 5 small tables for two.

You can order menu items individually or choose a main, a side, and a salad for a total of $9.99.

We both chose the kofte, my wife's with Bulghur wheat and Coban (pronounced CHO-ban) salad, and mine with lentil soup and Piyaz salad. We swapped salads once I realized that lentil soup and bean salad were a little too legumey for me.

Overall, we were thrilled. The sides were simple but flavourful and hearty. The salads were fresh and tasty. And the warmed up bread roll was gorgeously chewy-yeasty.

Kofta 3


2012 Nov 15
The kofte here comes in little two-bite chewy nuggets of lamb and veal. They are super tasty and have a bit of a crust. The texture is spongier than other kofte-type dishes I've tried, but not in a bad way.

The kofte sandwich here would be most awesome!