Stittsville restaurant serving Chinese Food. Extensive menu somewhere between the Canadian and Authentic.

Foods from Kungfu Bistro


2012 Oct 23
I get that this place is supposed to be fusion, but I felt like it was just a few notches above Manchu Wok. The waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu and was great at selling the place. The decor was neat too. That's where the positives end. We ordered the dumplings and spring rolls to start. The dumplings couldn't compare to the potstickers at Yangsheng (so delish!). The spring rolls were the highlight of the meal.
For main courses we ordered the mongolian beef, kungpao chicken and the special fried rice. Presentation was great, but taste - lackluster. The mongolian beef was sweet, which I wasn't expecting. The special fried rice, while presented nicely in a steamed lotus leaf, was bland and a smaller portion than most chinese restaurants. The chicken was okay, but we wanted spicier (which we explained to the waitress when asking for suggestions on what to order). Overall- underwhelming. Save your money and go to thi fusion.

2012 Sep 1
On a more pleasant note - we tried Kung Fu Bistro last night and I would give it 2 thumbs UP. The Won Tong soup is amazing - I have never had a better soup and am looking forward to bringing a couple of large soups home on takeout. I had the egg rolls which I enjoyed and the wife had the spring roll - she loved them but I found them alright. I tried the Mongolian beef - spicy and damn good. Not the largest servering but we did have leftovers. Wife had the Chicken special which was excellent as well. Price - don't know since the wife paid ;-) Only comment I made to the Manager was to slow down the food delivery - I don't mind but some folks may - Soup and rolls arrived and 2 minutes the mains - we had a table for 4 for the 2 of us so it was not a problem. In any case a 5 outta 5 night

2012 May 18
Went to Kung Fu Bistro last night with the family.

Had low expectations given Stittsville's terrible restaurant scene. The expectations were met, and possibly exceeded, but just by a little bit.

The restaurant is clean (brand new) and the decor is modern. The cement floors and stark walls make it a very noisy environment, even though there is seating for maybe only 30. I did appreciate that they had a dedicated sitting area for those waiting for takeaway so that they are not hovering over eat-in patrons.

The restaurant was busy, definitely at capacity. Both the kitchen and waitstaff were slammed. Forgivable given it is only a week old. The wait staff was very friendly and knowledgable.

The menu is large, even for a Chinese restaurant. There were MANY dishes that sounded great on paper and made it difficult to choose. The dishes are definitely on the upscale side (cast iron hot plates, lotus leaf wrapped rice, nice presentations).

We were only 4, so we had to limit ourselves. We had:

spring rolls - nicely cooked, well stuffed, above average

salt & pepper shrimp - very nice, lightly
battered, good spice level

lemongrass beef hot plate - interesting presentation with lots of flash and flare (or smoke more precisely, but fairly bland to taste. the veggies were plentiful and crisp

general tsao chicken - nice crispy batter, but very bland, even my 3 year old commented on that

house special fried rice - i liked it, but my wife didn't. the lotus leaf gave a nice tea-like tint to the dish

Overall, the food was above average for Stittsville, but mediocre at best when measured against city west on the whole. The prices were quite expensive given the quality and quantity. We had no problem finishing the entire meal (3 yo boy, 6yo girl, 2 below average sized adults) which is rare considering we had 4 dishes and spring rolls. The bill was $74 before tip without any alcohol. We probably won't be back, but may try takeaway once they've ironed out a few things (and will ask them to kick the spice up a notch).

I left with the impression that the dishes were a tad overpriced, but could not remember specifics only that everything seemed to be in the $11 - $13 range, in researching the resto for this review, I looked at the takeaway menu and the average price is closer to $9, so I am not sure if I was mistaken, or the prices had changed (unlikely), or if there are different prices for eat-in and takeaway

They did have 4-5 interesting deserts (on paper), which is different from other Chinese restaurants I have previously visited.