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2013 Mar 26
Forgot to take pictures of the slaw and took a picture of the dessert after I ate half of it.

Slaw had mashed avacodos, peanut, fried light noodles and accompanied by some fried taro chips. It was okay but not that memorable.

Chocolate pudding topped by some praline crumbs, some bruleed bananda and a cookie.

For the right menu, I would do the Monday night dinner again.

2013 Mar 26
Lamb barbocoa
with masa cakes, stuffed jalapenos, spinach and chimichuri
plus black beans and some kind of sour cream.

Lamb was tasty and tender.

The rest was a little too busy and some sides were only so-so. The mesa cakes were a bit dry. Stuffed jalapenos could easily have been left out for me since it did not have a lot of bite while one of the couple found it a bit too spicy for her taste. Not fan of cilantro so not fond of chimichuri sauce. Spinach was decent and the black beans was good but beans a bit salty for my taste but I don't use a lot of salt.

Nice presentation on the platter.

2013 Mar 26
The soup put together..

2013 Mar 26
The italian Wedding Soup comes with meatballs and croutons in a separate dish and the soup in a copper pan.

The 3 meatballs were tasty and the croutons while not traditional was good. But when you finish the meatballs and croutons with some of the soup, the remaining soup with its bits of vegetables and orzo was a tad bland. There were enough soup in the pan for 2 bowls.

2013 Mar 26
I did the Table 40 Monday night dinner last night. The menu was

Italian Wedding soup
Lamb barbocoa
masa cakes, stuffed jalapenos, spinach and chimichuri
with avocado, peanuts, mayo
Chocolate Pudding
with bananas

The private space has 4 tables of 6 each and a long table of 16 and 4 seats by the bar.

I liked the concept very well but with no substitutions, everyone in your party must like the whole menu and want to eat a sizable meal.
This would be an issue for vegetarians or people with allergies.

Had a thyme lemonade from the Fraser Original part of the drinks menu. It was tasty to start but when it got watered down at the end, a little less so since there was a lot of ice in the drink.

Very nice sourdough bread.. Apparently they started the starter when the fraser cafe opened.

Some things I liked, some things no so much. Service was good and friendly but there were a few mistakes that I observed. The forgot the slaw for the couple next to me and they had to ask for it since they saw what was served to the couple beside them. The staff might have been a bit overwhelmed with checking out the whole long table 16+ people and reseating a larger group of 14 for a birthday dinnner from 2 small tables to the large table when it becomes vacant.

Another issue I had is that I actually tried to get a reservation 1-2 weeks ago for this lamb dinner and was told they were full and they took my number for the waiting list. When I had not heard back from them on Sunday, I actually called them Sunday night and was offered my choice of 5:30 or 8pm seatings. So what happened to my place on the waitlist? If I had not been on top of it, I would have persumed they were completely full and no room when in reality the 8pm seating was less than half full.

2012 Apr 18
An interesting option for Monday night dining has been introduced by Fraser Café. Table 40, their private dining venue next door to their restaurant, is now open Monday nights for a “family-style” dining experience (a la Ruby WatchCo for those of you familiar with Lynn Crawford’s restaurant in Toronto).

Despite being open for only a few weeks, it was busy the night we dropped in and very loud. The food and service however were up to the high standards set by the parent restaurant.

The single rectangular room has several tables of 6 and one really long one (for ~24). The menu is set each week by the kitchen (everyone gets the same thing) and although the group you are with will be served together, you may be sharing a table with people you don’t know. Your meal is not individually plated; instead your party’s meal is served to your table in serving dishes from which each person serves themselves. As well, you get your own cutlery and (paper) napkins out of containers placed on each table.

The night we were there the menu was:
- carrot and cumin soup – creamy deliciousness
- a plate of green mango & papaya salad with slices of carrots, cabbage and peanuts – light and refreshing
- a large sharing platter with roasted duck breast, duck confit, pickled mushrooms and kim chi, spiced scallion crepes were used as the “wrappers” for the collection of stuff on the duck platter – amazing mixture of flavours
- side of soba noodle & slaw salad – subtle but very tasty
- a large dish of banana cream pie – a wonderful mixture of graham crackers, bananas, whipped cream and cinnamon

Our meal was $33 each and we had plenty of leftovers packed up for us to take home. I’m really looking forward to another Monday night here.