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2012 Aug 18
My dear JDK, to suprisingly and accidentally see your promptly reply here. I totally understand your feeling. But me, as a normal person, with your "less than 3 hours" super fast reply, I would like to know who will keep his eye on such a boring website like here and respond me in a unimaginable speed.

Yes, honestly, you are not the only person that gave negative evaluation to this restaurant. But please act like a gentleman with your generous mind - that every business has its growth from the most inexperienced beginning to mature. An unperfect start with hard working can still have a flawless end. There is not need for you to take such poisonous attack on them to satisify your illness mentality.

I did have heard about some undesirable rumors after this restaurant just opened. But the recent dinner experience I brough back from there was excellent. The elegant decoration and tasteful food can definitely beat up most of other sushi restaurants.

You will only get the treasure when you go and dig it. I strongly suggest you to go there and have another try. And then come back here to have further discussion, otherwise it is just a wasting of our time.

2012 Aug 18
I went to baidu last week with my friends. In my opinion, most foods on menu are good. Also, they add many new items on menu after they changing menu. More choices on rolls like Asian roll and Seafood volcano Roll are attractive. Even if they lost one or two order sometimes, that is fine. It always happens in All you can eat. In addition, after I reading some reviews on top, I think their taste of food and level of service are improving. Their food are not bad like someone say. I will come back to try different items with my friends.

2012 Aug 18
Here we go again with User 4895 - do they not think we can read between the lines - been there and its not very good. Improve on the food and service User 4895 and maybe you will get some honest good reviews that you can be proud of and lots of thumbs Ups

2012 Aug 18
THis is the best AYCE sushi restaurants in Ottawa。The sushi is amazing and superb high quality,and the korean table grill is amusing we have lots fun on it,they really and truly make me surprise on AYCE!

2012 Aug 9
Sure smells like a new Owner and or Manager ... I guess the customer counted the number of new items on the menu before they ordered..very nice of them .. my friends and I will not return there ...THANK YOU !! How quickly they had a reply from Boxers message after 5 hours ...

2012 Aug 9
great food and service.
They've changed their menu in may, which brings out more items(over 200). I love their special rolls: baidu roll(fruit)and seafood volcano rolls(all kinds of seafood and cream cheese).
Another great thing is that all soft drinks are include in the all you can eat price.Refill was always fast and fresh.
I will definetly come back again with my friends.

2012 Aug 9
In a word, avoid.

Really enjoy Korean style food and table bbq. Went here for lunch and happily paid the extra to sit at a table bbq. That's where the positives ended, table bbq option was available.

Ordered the beef spare rib and unfortunately the meats that were presented were not edible. We ate the little bits of meat that were present, as most of it was fat and left the remains on the plate. When the waiter returned to pick up our plates he asked if why we didn't eat the beef ribs but he was surprised when we stated that we had already cooked and ate what was edible and the plate of remains were bone and fat.

This soured the rest of the dining experience which consisted of mostly uninspired items.

Might give this place another try in a few months as I really do enjoy good table bbq and this is the only west end option available that I'm aware of. Shudder at the thought of having to drive through that construction downtown on Rideau to get my fix at Korean Garden.

2012 Mar 15
We went on March 12, but I’m writing today to try to be as calm/fair as possible. The restaurant is located on Baseline. The décor is very nice. The servers aren’t the sharpest on the block, but were friendly/polite. The food was average in taste/presentation/freshness. We sat at a grill table and found the meat overly fatty and the shrimp (when cooked) mushy. After glancing at the bill (my fault for not checking closer), we paid/left to catch the bus(s) home just before 7pm. En route, I noticed they had overcharged. Instead of $21.99 each (weekday dinner), the bill listed $23.99 (weekend dinner). These same prices were listed clearly on the menus and in the ad we had from a March 9 Chinese newspaper, which also listed a 10% discount per person because of the new opening (we did not receive the discount). I called the manager from the bus and asked him to correct the charge. That’s when the experience went bitter.

He denied the charges were wrong and said the menus were old (they’ve been open for about 3 weeks now). After discussion, he said to wait for the owner to call me back. Later, he and the owner said the same thing, along with other reasons like the waitress told us the price change, or he did, then he did as an extra charge for sitting at a grill table, or the ad was wrong (which matched the prices in the menus we used at the table), etc. According to the owner, the new prices/extra fees were handwritten on all the menus (not on ours). While we were being seated, I had asked the manger whether their “price” included everything. He said the price was all the same. No mention of any price changes or an extra cost if seated at the grill table. As well, the ad did not specify 10% off only if you paid in cash, nor was this info posted anywhere. A few hours/phone calls later, between me/my mother and the manager/the restaurant owner/the bank, after being called a liar and a picky customer by the restaurant folks, who claimed they couldn’t cancel/redo a card transaction (bank said otherwise/pin not needed) but then wanted my pin number, etc. The result was the manager came to my building lobby to deliver the cash for the difference at 11pm.

We found out yesterday that a group of Mom’s friends tried the place earlier in the week and had a similar experience with “price adjustments.” They also put up a fuss in Chinese. It wasn’t until after one guy switched to “good” English to complain that the restaurant backed down and corrected their bill. I do not believe the customer is always right, and believe we all make mistakes. However, businesses/ should be fair and honest. I used to work for a bank, and my parents ran a restaurant for over 30 years. We know how it should work. On the phone and later in person, they tried to blame it on miscommunication. Please believe me when I say there was none. Between me and my mother, we speak fluent Chinese and English. The Chinese manager’s English was excellent. Something smells fishy to me here and it’s not the sushi. So my suggestion, go and try it out, you may love it. But be sure to pay close attention to your bill and speak up, loud, if you notice something similar. Me, my mother and her friends plan never to return to this place. But the best of luck to those who do. (sorry for the length of this entry).

2012 Mar 13
Now open in the Walmart plaza at Baseline and Clyde/Maitland. Went on Sunday afternoon and will wait until my second visit before I review the food in detail. It's a combination of various types of Asian food including sushi, dim sum and Korean style grilled dishes. Cost at lunch is $14.99 / Dinner $23.99 but there are a lot of additional selections at dinner.
There is a $2 surcharge if you want to have a "grill" table where you cook your own meat, otherwise it is done elsewhere and delivered to your table. There are some items served on a buffet, like soups, spring rolls, steam buns etc., and the rest of the items are ordered off the menu. Decor is kind of over-the-top bordello chic, with lots of crystal chandeliers, black marble, crushed velvet and rhinestone embellished tufted banquettes. Very busy on Sunday afternoon. Will be trying it again soon.

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2012 Aug 18
I have never written a review for a restourant before but because a friend of ours decided not to come to this restourant because of the two reviews I made it my goal to sign up and give an honest review. So here goes: the styling of this place is more like a nightclub then a restourant the booths are red / pinkish leather and there are huge chandeliers above, but there is normal booths along the windows aswell if you don't want to feel like your on the set of scarface. As for the food, we got everything we ordered within about 15 mins which is not bad given the amount of food we ordered. There is also a buffet with pre cooked stuff on the side so you have something to munch on while you wait on your order (all inclusive in one price). Everything that we ordered pre cooked tasted good. The uncooked meat for the table BBQ however is un-seasoned raw meat but they bring you different sauces to experiment with, so make sure you use lots of the sauce or else the meat will taste kind of plain. Overall the selection variety is very good, the food tasted great (if you prepare it right) and I would recommend this place to others, but not too often, because it is all you can eat and that might cause problems in the long run :p