Alfajor at Café Morala
Alfajor at Café Morala
Foods from Café Morala

2017 Jun 18
Took 4 of these home for the family today and I'm happy to report that they're still quite wonderful. The kids especially loved this treat. $2.50 each.

2011 Nov 5
The Alfajor Argentino from here was pretty amazing. It's like all the best parts of macarons, macaroons, shortbread, mailanderli, pfeffernüsse, and dulce de leche all thrown into one cookie. This is a sandwich cookie, where the two layers are velvety puffy shortbread and the filling is a thin crunchy layer of dulce de leche. A hint of lemon zest perks it up and the edge is flecked with flakes of coconut. A wonderful accompaniment to a great cup of coffee.

My wife remembered reading the following, which is what made us try this treat: