Small diner tucked into a strip mall on Stittsville Main just south of Abbott.

Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Main Street Cafe
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Main Street Cafe
Foods from Main Street Cafe

2014 Sep 24
Love the new burgers named after stittsville neighborhoods. The buns ate perfect. T

2013 Feb 20

MainStreet Cafe in Stittsville has been my favorite breakfast and lunch place for quite some time and I just found out they are starting to do supper/dinner with an all new menu. I know the owner and with his passion for food and his desire to try new dishes, I am certain this will be a success.

2012 Dec 8
Had my first trip to Main St Cafe today, I have to say it really lives up to its title. It is a family run restaurant that is extremely friendly and the food is even better. The prices are some of the lowest I have seen in the area for what you get. You get a full breakfast for close to the same price as Tim Hortons coffee and breakfast sandwich (and almost as quick)..... We will definitely be back (maybe every weekend). VERY IMPRESSED!!!



2011 Nov 8
Switched it up a little this time with the Breakfast Special:

* Over-easy eggs
* Sausages
* White toast

The eggs were perfectly cooked. The sausages were butterflied for quick cooking, but still kind of mushy tasting. I prefer the bacon and will revert to that on my next visit.

The white toast is nicer than the brown toast. However, next time I'll try asking for the brown toast well done and see what happens.

I overheard other diners asking for onions with their potatoes. Will do that next time too!

This place is a perfect blast-from-the-past diner in every respect. Even though this was only my second visit I was clearly recognized as a repeat customer.

2011 Nov 1
Pictured here, the Breakfast Special for $5.95 includes:

* Coffee or tea, one refill. I had coffee.
* 2 Eggs. I chose scrambled this time.
* Home fried potatoes.
* Choice of meat. I went with bacon, extra crispy.
* Choice of toast. Brown for me.

Quality was standard diner style. The most remarkable thing about the whole meal is how non-greasy everything was. Even the bacon was almost dry. I think this is mostly a good thing.

The coffee is normal diner stuff.
The scrambled egg was fine, but more like an omelette.
The potatoes were really good and in generous supply!
The bacon was well-crisped as ordered and quite tasty. 4 slices!
The toast was fairly thick, but not toasted enough for me. I'll ask for well done toast next time. I'm becoming a toast snob thanks to the Dualit I have at home now. ;-)

Anyway, happy to have this not far from my work place. I'll be checking it out for lunch one day too!