Rue Laval, near Place du Portage, Hull!/zestcreates

Zest Café and Catering
Zest Café and Catering
Zest Café and Catering
Zest Café and Catering
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2014 Mar 18
Here is a picture of the lamb tacos topped with currant jam, pickled onions, Greek yogurt and served with corn chips and salsa. It is on their regular menu.

2014 Mar 18
Came at noonish - place was packed, both the seats (12 to 15 seats) and to take out. My friend and I managed to get 2 seats.

I ordered the day special: Thai beef (stew), lemongrass and rice noodle soup (pictured). Very tended beef, flavourful broth and just enough noodles. I love noodles so could have used more noodles but there were a lot of beef. It was $10!

My friend had the lamb tacos (2), topped with currant jam and pickled onions and served with corn chips and salsa. It looked very good and my friend thought so as well. It was $12.

Very fresh ingredients and great preparation and flavours. A little gem in downtown Hull.

2013 Feb 18
Thank you Peachy. Will have to try this place.

2013 Feb 18
They do! I think they only have seating for about 15 though, but i've never had trouble getting a spot, and we never order in advance.

2013 Feb 18
Peachy, do they actually have tables where you can eat in? In looking at their web site it does not indicate this. Rather, it says you must order by 10AM for pick up that day.

2013 Feb 18
This place is always spectacular! I work across the street, and visit regularly. I try to bring my lunch 4 times a week and this is always my choice for my once a week treat. You place your order at the cash and your food is brought to your table which makes this a reliably quick option for lunch.

Their tacos are a personal favourite. Last week's pick were carnitas tacos with avocado and a smoked tomato salsa; delicious! The week before the tacos were shrimp with a peanut avocado salsa...there are no words for how amazing they were.

The owners are amazingly friendly and always up for trying new things (they got excited to make a Banh Mi after I mentioned a trip to Vietnam!). If you work in Hull this is a sure bet.

2012 Oct 19
Nearly a year later and this place has yet to disappoint me! I had a grilled cheese today with brie, maple pumpkin butter and pecans. Oh my. Amazing. Their weekly specials are also awesome!

2011 Dec 7
My neck hurts and now i'm hungry and must needs try this place.


2011 Dec 6
The turkey on naan with brie, pear, and mango chutney is quite possibly the most delicious sandwich EVER. This is a photo before it went on the grill and was heated to a handful of melty deliciousness. I think I like the sandwiches here better than Art-Is-In. A hidden gem. YUM. (p.s. I can't get my photo to rotate. just turn your head to get the full effect. ha!) The owners/operators of the place are super friendly. It's always a nice quick wait for my take out lunch :)

2011 Sep 16
Finally tried this place after hearing a coworker rave about it for months. Delicious! Cute storefront, interesting and creative menu (Must go back to try the bacon jam!). I had a mushroom, swiss and arugula sandwich. Came with a watermelon slice, pita chips and a sundried tomato pesto-ish spread/dip. Will definitely return!