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Sep 25
Please don't say a restaurant is closing without actually confirming that they are closing. Below is what they've written on their social media, it was very easy to find:

"Itís official... we are moving🎉
Donít worry we arenít going far, we will be calling the Almonte Riverside Inn located at 81 Queen Street our new home. We canít think of anywhere else we would rather be, we are truly grateful for this opportunity given to us by Rob at Riverside.
We have had 10 (almost 11!) wonderful years at the Victoria Woollen Mill thanks to all of you. It is time to let someone else use the space and time for us to start a new chapter (one that includes a patio, finally!).
Heirloom evolved a lot over 10 years, the space we called home for so long did as well. A big part of what you serve is decided based on the space you have to work in. That being said, while our food will have the same love we have always put into it, the menus wonít be exactly what we have done in the past. In light of this, we have decided that we will no longer be Heirloom Cafť but Loom Bistro instead!
We are hoping to be up and running again by early to mid October, serving dinner most nights and Sunday brunch to start. We donít know if we will start doing lunch service again, we donít know a lot of things right now. Much like everyone else, we are taking things one day at a time.
You have no idea how excited we are to serve you guys again, itís been way too long.
Thank you so much for your continued patience, love and support always, but especially through these last few months.
We love you all and are looking forward to seeing you very soon❤️🍅 Brandy and Richard"

Sep 25
Closed, killed by COVID.

2016 Feb 22
One review?!?!? What is going on with the foodie community? My wife and I headed to Almonte to check out this place on the recommendations of a colleague who lives in Carleton Place - also, the restaurant's standing as the highest rated in the Ottawa area on Zomato (ahead of Beckta and other highly rated restaurants), didn't hurt.

The meal was fantastic, started with a smoked duck amuse-bouche, followed by our appetizers of duck patť and a phenomenally balanced savoury Stilton cheesecake with cranberry preserve. The mains did not disappoint either - recommend both the lamb shank and the duck confit, generous portions, both falling off the bone and cooked to perfection.

Only had room to share a dessert - the warm Apple and Frangipane tart with amaretto whipped cream, which was fantastic. The cocktail list looks very interesting - I tried the Indian Summer, which while very tasty, was not as good as some creations at other favourite restaurants (e.g. Aperitivo).

Highly recommend and will go back.

2011 Sep 5
I'm going posting crazy...sorry.

Again it was a while back when I ate here. Went with the family for brunch it was really good value for money. Nice ambience as it is right on water.

We had all ordered each brunch item and everyone was satisfied. I had the lamb burger which was very good...nice and tender. Nice touch was the homemade ketchup which is appreciated as it shows some creativity. I enjoy those little touches in a restaurant. For me personally, it says something about the chef.

Recommended for anyone looking for a nice brunch with a good atmosphere.

2016 Apr 16
We came here for Sunday brunch with another family to celebrate a birthday. Very nice plates. Tasty food, pleasant staff. This is not your typical small town Ontario diner. Great place to visit if you need an excuse to go for a short weekend drive!