Foods from New York Gourmet Grill

2012 Oct 28
This place is now closed.

2011 Aug 16
Ate here for lunch this afternoon, and it was fantastic. 2 of us ordered the NY Club and the other ordered the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich. They all came with a large amount of fries and coleslaw. Would absolutely go back again. Service was excellent as well.

2011 Aug 24
We went for the breakfast here on the weekend and were generally pleased. The service was friendly and very prompt, and the inside looks pretty nice. The sign out front advertising their weekend breakfast clearly worked because the place was full.

Prices are decent ($4 for a simple 2 eggs + toast + a _mountain_ of hash browns, $5 for the same plus bacon or sausage or ham). Note, however, coffee is not included in those prices.

My one complaint is that the floors were very slippery and felt overwaxed. As I walked in carrying my son, I turned to follow the server towards our table and almost had my feet slide out from under me. They should probably scuff up those tiles a bit to provide a bit more traction.

Otherwise, we were very satisfied and will return. It's nice to have a good new breakfast option in Orleans.