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B&H is a small local grocery store in Kemptville that has a number of house made prepared specialty foods.

B&H Your Community Grocer
B&H Your Community Grocer
B&H Your Community Grocer
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2015 Aug 5
The butcher counter not only sells great pork pies and excellent scotch eggs, but their Lincolnshire ham is awesome. Old school English style pressed ham. Reminds me of picnics in my youth. Make your sandwiches with Colman's mustard and butter.

2015 Mar 23

2015 Mar 21
A look inside the Lamb & Rosemary pie, made with ground lamb and a bit of seasoning. Thick crust, so dw says no need for potatoes, and it's easier to get out of pan.

2015 Mar 21
A Lamb & Rosemary pie for 2 from B&H. Tasty, filling, and looks good too. About $4.39 or so. Nice to have in the freezer for an easy meal.

2013 Dec 4
I went back a couple of days ago to ask for some pork pies. The lady in front of me needed to know from which animal the kidneys in the steak and kidney pie were from. The girl at the counter couldn't find the butcher to find the answer. She went to look for him, but came back to say that he was at lunch.
There were no pork pies to be had. She pointed me towards the tourtiere that had a pork pie flag on it.
I bought a couple of them. They were super tasty... great crust and great filling! I love this place!

2012 Nov 10
I love this site because it tips me off as to where I can find tasty snacks that I otherwise would have missed. I must have driven past this grocery store 100 times and never thought to go in. Now, because of the pies, I will stop in every time. I tried the Simple Simon, a single serving of the larger pork pie, and the larger size as well. Both are fantastic with excellent pastry, tasty pork, and the velvety texture of the broth/ gelatin that gets poured in. This pie is up there with the best I have ever had but it did need a little salt. In the jelly maybe. I also ate the steak and mushroom pie which is full of flavour but I would like a better ratio of pastry to crust. I also tried a couple of bread rolls which are really good too. The real hidden gem was the scotch egg. It was awesome. A little more spice than a traditional scotch egg, the flavours were wonderful. B&H Grocery, Kemptville's Harrods ;-)

2012 Nov 4
Weekly visitor to B&H.. I agree the bread is awesome.. and yes, it's from the guy from Upper Canada Village...

Tried a Lamb Curry pie this time.. for lunch.. awesome is all I can say.

Wander over to the meat counter as well, they make some great sausages... garlic/scotch/prime rib .. we've tried most, never been disappointed.

Highly recommend if you're driving by..

2011 Sep 15
I stopped in to B&H today, on the strength of Andy's review of the pork pies.

They're quite inexpensive, and look very tasty on the outside. The best part is that they're also tasty on the inside. :)

I'm not a pork pie expert, but it seems to me that the gelatin was incorporated into the pork with the pies I had in North England. These pies had the gelatin surrounding the pork.

They were very tasty anyway. Also, the lady serving at the meat counter was quite pleasant. I'd go back (except that I'm trying to lose some weight)

2011 Sep 7
The B&H is worth stopping in to see what they have in the deli case and they also have some good breads displayed just across from the deli. I like the assorted meat pies @$3.89 and $6.49, the Cornish pasties and the eccles cakes (except that they donít look like any Iíve ever seen, but they do taste good Ė had one after supper). They also have faggots @ $0.75 ea. The meat pies have improved over the last year, Lou, the young baker (apprentice?), acknowledged that he was just learning to make them a year ago. The breads have also improved, and I can heartily recommend the excellent Bakerís Best, the 18 Hour, the Good Hearth, the Cheese and Red Onion, the Cheese and Apple. They donít have a really good whole wheat bread other than the really chewy, seed-filled Good Hearth. The breads and pies, etc., are all hand made in house by Lou and Kevin (if I remember right Kevin was once the baker at Upper Canada Village). (The dessert pies are also made in-house by someoneís wife I havenít tried any of them.) New in recent months are the in-house smoked local meats Ė including smoked meat, brisket, pork loin, ham, whole turkey breasts, and bacon. The ham is my fave Ė I love a real good smoked ham. I havenít tried the pork loin but numerous people have recommended it (there wasnít any again today but theyíre smokiní some tomorrow so there will be some Friday). The Double Smoked Blackstrap Bacon I had tonight on top of my corn chowder was nice and chewy and tasty and more flavourful than the first bacon I tried a month or more ago. They are learning as they go and I`m happy to be going on the ride with their improving efforts and hope they will learn to make things tastier and interesting and not be afraid to experiment.
The B&H used to be an Independent near the downtown Kemptville core before a new Independent was built out on the highway in a new mall. I think B&H has struggled in the years since and hope that new directions will ensure their survival and growth. We all benefit from supporting quality local businesses trying to survive, yearning to thrive, in the too-often mediocre food business world.

Pictured: A 2 lb Lincolnshire Pork Pie from B&H - best eaten cold I'm told - heating melts the "jelly". Wife's pigs attracted to good-lookin' porcine pie.

2011 Apr 18
Today I stopped in here and noticed that B&H has a number of house made meat pies and other foods ready to take home in their butcher case. I picked up a steak and mushroom pie, and a rabbit pie. Each was about 5" dia. and would easily serve two hungry people. The pies were both wonderful! Crust perfectly cooked and with the appearance of being hand rolled and assembled. The Steak and mushroom was very nice with nothing but steak, chunky mushrooms and rich gravy inside. The rabbit pie was delicious, with large tender pieces of rabbit in a creamy sauce with very few vegetables. In both cases the pies were packed with meat, and the best part was that they cost only $3.89 each! In the case they also had steak and kidney pie, cornish pasties, eccles cakes and turkey pies. I will definitely be picking up more of the rabbit pies next time I see them. There are also other prepared foods on offer, and I picked up an interesting baked bean concoction called "trainwreck beans" but haven't tasted them yet. B&H is not far off the 416 if you are passing near Kemptville.