This vendor no longer exists!

Cupcake shop on Murray Street near Sussex.

Cupcakes at Glitz
Cupcakes at Glitz
Foods from Glitz

2012 May 16
For lease sign now up. Store is completely empty. I guess the location was bad.

2012 Feb 12
We went to Glitz today to try out their cupcakes after hearing many positive reviews. As someone who LOVES cupcakes, I was super excited.

Unfortunately all the excitement was dashed as soon as we arrived. They did not have a single cupcake available for purchase! Not one cupcake! I was shocked given that it was only about 2pm in the afternoon, many hours prior to the close of the shop. When we approached the employees asking if there were additional cupcakes in the back, they were very abrupt and not even the slightest bit apologetic about being entirely sold out! We were told 'maybe in an hour'!

Needless to say, we left empty handed and will not be returning. Stick to the other cupcake shops around town!

2011 May 12
I picked up a dozen cupcakes to share with my office colleagues. We tried several kinds including tiramisu, sugar shack, chocolate caramel, strawberry chocolate and the regular, chocolate with chocolate buttercream and vanilla with chocolate buttercream.

Everyone agreed that the cake alone (either vanilla or chocoalte) lacked flavour. Although in terms of moisture, most were good, some were underbaked. The bakery might even have an oven issue as almost all of the vanilla cupcakes were baked unevenly (with some really brown edges).

Icing in general was good especially on the strawberry, tiramisu and the sugar shack but the cake on the strawberry was underbaked and as mentioned unless the cake is paired with icing in every bite, the cake itself lacks flavour.

Unfortunately, I won't go back to Glitz. For Ottawa, I will still go to the Flour Shoppe because even if the cake is dry, the cake has flavour and the icing is fantastic.

2011 May 8
Tried Glitz today for the first time.

- top left: chocolate espresso
- top right: cookies 'n' cream
- bottom left: red velvet
- bottom right: coconut

Overall impression: the taste is pretty good. The actual look of the cupcakes is a bit 'sloppier' compared to other professional cupcakes I've seen.

The coconut and red velvet were my favourites. The coconut especially given that the cake part was the best of the four - the most moist given the use of coconut in the batter.

Generally speaking the other three cupcake batters (including the red velvet) weren't that moist but still enjoyable since they were quite light and not-too-sweet which was nice given the generous icing toppings. For me, the balance between the heaps of icing and the dry/not-too-sweet cake part worked well.


2011 May 12
I picked up 1 dozen cupcakes to take home for the weekend. They were delicious! I tried a bite of them all.
Flavors included: lime, espresso, red velvet, coconut, strawberry, maple, and some combo's for chocolate vanilla.
yum yum yum
I will definitely be going back.
my favorite was the strawberry. The maple was also great!

2011 Apr 7
Tried a tiramisu flavoured cupcake from this new shop today - the cake was lovely, with a nice coffee flavour. I found the icing a bit sweet, but I'm not really an icing person. And surprise - it was a filled cupcake, meaning an extra ball of icing inside? I would have rather had more cake, but that's just me. The shop is cute, although I didn't hang around. Cupcake was decently priced at $2.63 after tax. Check it out if you have a sweet tooth and are in the neighbourhood. I'm not sure our population base can sustain all of these cupcake shops, but I guess we'll see. :)